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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The growing field of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) calls for more industry experts to keep up with today’s colder and warmer climates. And ever since the first Lincoln Technical Institute campus opened in Newark in 1946, we’ve been providing HVAC training to thousands of students throughout the United States.

HVAC training introduces students to Green Technology – green alternatives to comfort heating and cooling systems, as well as Solar Thermal and Geothermal Green Technologies. As the first school in the country that incorporates Energy Auditing Courses from the Green Mechanical Council, you’ll be learning advancements in technology that enhance your HVAC training, skills and marketability to employers.

Some HVAC program highlights include:

  • Convenient day and evening classes are available.
  • Lincoln Technical Institute in Union, New Jersey and Lincoln College of Technology in Grand Prairie, Texas have been granted a six-year HVAC Excellence Accreditation.
  • We have many Certified Master HVAC Educators. This credential identifies an educator’s professional competency and attests to their commitment to continued professional development.
  • Air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating technology programs at Lincoln include energy auditing – establishing the source of energy loss and providing solutions for correcting these problems.
  • Students participate in hands-on exercises in a “Green House”, an outdoor mini-house where students physically work on HVAC components.
  • Use modern technology, such as thermal-imaging cameras to check for energy efficiency.
  • Classrooms are set up with labs and lectures equipped with walk-in freezers, household furnaces, central air systems and facilities to simulate duct work.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot using SimuTech software, which features computer-based simulation “bugs” and problems you might encounter on the job.
  • Receive a tool kit that contains HVAC-specific tools to help with studies.

Upon completion of Lincoln’s HVAC programs, graduates can pursue several other certifications, including Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification testing to leverage opportunities working as independent contractors in one or more specific areas of the HVAC market.

Locations offering this program:

11194 East 45th Avenue
Denver, CO 80239

Grand Prairie
2915 Alouette Drive
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

New Britain
200 John Downey Drive
New Britain, CT 06051

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